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Binders Of Women
Binders Full Of Women

Romney's 'binders of women' sets social media on fire 


Binder Of Women - Bill Clinton

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Suddenly, it's a "binders full of women" world.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's comment in Tuesday's presidential debate about gathering "binders full of women" for possible hires in his administration spiraled into the social media stratosphere within minutes.

Women, have you figured out where you'd fit in the binder yet?

It took, literally, the speed of light, for "Binders full of women" to become #bindersofwomen on Twitter, a Tumblr page and a Facebook page which, at last count, had already exceeded 290K likes.

I've heard all kinds of explanations for why this is all just liberal media spin. Snarky partisans, right? We need to be focusing on more important things. But, actually, there are many reasons why this meme is legitimate and not just a silly Internet catchphrase.?

 Romney Binders of Women


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